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Damp Proofing your business or home is essential for both health and property protection.

Safeguards new certification.

Safeguard Europe Newsletter March 2015. In this issue: safeguards new certification for Stormdry, Granted 25 Year Certification

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is the only BBA Approved Colourless Masonry Water Repellent
The British Board of Agrément, the UK’s foremost body for the testing and certification of construction products and systems, has granted certification to Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream after months of extensive testing. The certificate confirms that a single coat application of Stormdry will be effective for at least 25 years.

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream is the only colourless masonry water-repellent that has been approved by the BBA. The special testing performed by the BBA took into account the following factors:

25 year durability – Stormdry has been certified as effective for 25 years with a single coat
Water repellency – Stormdry resists the uptake of water into masonry from driving rain
Freeze/Thaw resistance – Stormdry is resistant to the effects of freeze/thaw cycling
UV resistance – Stormdry is resistant to the effects of UV radiation
Condensation risk – Stormdry is breathable and does not increase the risk of condensation

The certificate (cert no. 15/5198) covers not only Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream but also Repointing Additive No.1 and Repointing Additive No.2. The 25 year certification is in line with the performance requirements for insulation under ECO/Green deal, which Stormdry can help to protect.

It is this kind of assured performance and durability that has lead Stormdry to be used by councils, trades people and homeowners alike. No other masonry water repellent offers the same BBA approved performance.

For more information on exactly what is included in the certification, we recommend reading Stomdry’s BBA certificate. To see the BBA approved performance for yourself, ask for a free sample.

Dryzone re-thinking plastering.

Take a look at the video and discover our new plastering system from safeguard.It saves time and time is money.


Dryzone re-thinking plastering.

A new cutting edge way to approach plastering for rising damp remedial work,less mess than sand and cement,a faster,more cost effective way of solving the problem when
re-plastering your walls.

The usual problem of waiting to redecorate straight away are a thing of the past.Thermal values far out reach that of conventional sand and cement Plastering.

Dryzone rethink plastering
Dryzone rethink plastering

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New plastering for damp
New plastering for damp




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New plastering for damp
New plastering for damp



In this blog, we intend to help our visitors where ever possible.

Hello and welcome,

In this blog we intend to help our visitors where ever possible.

We Know how tough it can be,when moving house or moving into new premises,only to be greeted with some sort of maintenance problem.We intend to make this as painless as possible.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email our details are on the contact page.Or leave a comment below.