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At Dampsolved & co we give damp and timber surveys, in order to detect and diagnose all problems related to, rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, wood infestation, and wood rot, with our in house  surveyors. We also offer insurance backed guarantees .

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Offering a fully guaranteed solution, to these property problems using our experienced team of specialist trades men and technicians.

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                                                                                              Penetrating damp.
penetrating damp


Remedial solutions for penetrating Damp:


Structural waterproofing or tanking, a system used to correct and stop water ingress through the buildings structure, as mentioned above when a buildings exterior is compromised by different ground levels, hydrostatic pressure is present and the ingress of water will be occur. A tanking system is used to correct this, existing paints and plaster are removed from the walls and the substrate prepared from a cement compound which is applied to the area.

Expert Technicians.

By our expert technicians, this is done in conjunction with a  chemical damp course applied above the exiting external ground level. Finished with a waterproof sand and cement system applied by our specialist technicians the results are a dry interior, fit for habitation  . READ MORE.


rising damp

Rising Damp.

Rising damp is a huge problem, which affects many buildings therefore externally and internally this problem should be assessed and dealt with very fast before to much expensive damage is caused. these problems can usually arise from a damaged damp course or a non exiting damp course.

Sometimes the existing damp course has been bridged, allowing the damp to rise through the walls. Our professional survey will identify the cause of your  problem and form a detailed report of the best way forward to eliminate your damp problem.


Wood worm
wood worm

Wood worm often found in all properties, caused by insects laying eggs on the wood, they hatch and burrow into the timber, many different species exist READ MORE..

Black mold spores /condensation

Condensation can occur in any part of the property, the kitchen and wet rooms being the most common, damp-solved will carry out a professional damp survey to determine the cause of the problem, issuing a detailed report and a solution to your problem.

 Usually ventilation is key, in eliminating the cause and affect of condensation, using one of several methods, of extraction or ventilation depending on the survey result. READ MORE….

Wet and Dry Rot.
Dry rot
Wet rot, also dry rot, both undermine the integrity of the wood that they feed on; both are types of fungi. In many cases the very structure of the wood is negativly affected to such a degree, that it can cause major catastrophic structural problems to the areas affected, therefore all evidence of the infection must be removed as soon as possible, In order to stop and prevent the spread.–co/Al9Q8/

Dry rot needs only a small amount of moisture to start, usually in poorly ventilated areas of the property. Wet rot needs a constant damp environment to flourish. To remedy the problem a detailed survey must be carried out, to determine the causes, penetrating damp, poor ventilator and condensation can be responsible for its existence.READ MORE…

Dry rot
Dry rot

Dry Rot.

damp surveys