Rising Damp.

rising damp

Rising damp is a huge problem, which affects many buildings both externally and internally, the problem usually arising from a poor damp course or a non exiting damp course.

Sometimes the existing damp course has been bridged, allowing the damp to rise through the walls. Our professional survey will identify the cause of your  problem and form a detailed report of the best way forward to eliminate your damp problem.

Methods used to cure Rising damp:

Remove any material bridging the damp course, (if possible).within a 150mm below the damp course.

Injection of a new chemical damp proof course, one course above the existing damp proof course, depending on the internal floor structure, being a wooden suspended floor or a concrete construction.

Removal of the exiting plaster, and replacement with our salt free water proofing system.

Removal of any rotten timbers floor joists or floor boards, skirting boards will always have to be removed, occasionally we need to remove and replace radiators for access.

Our attention to detail will include protection as required. The need for any extra works will be included in our detailed professional survey.

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